Absolute Best Way to Start Wing Foiling - Skateboard and Wing Tips

If your want to dip your toes into the awesome new sport of wing foiling, the absolute best first step is to get a wing and a skateboard and learn the wing handling skills.

An hour on the land definitely helps you get comfortable with the wing and will save you numerous falls on the water. We like to go back to parking lot session just to practice new moves as well.

Tips: 1. Find a big empty parking lot with about 10mph of wind. A longboard skateboard is easy to get going.

2. For a person about 170lbs, a 5m is perfect for 12-18mph winds. Plus or minus thirty pounds means either a 4m or 6m might work better for you.

3. Keep your back to the wind, the wing on the downwind side, bottom tip down.

4. Angle the center strut 45 degree to the ground, front hand higher.

5. For jibe (or to re-gain balance) turn downwind, raise front hand, release back hand.

6. Flip wing and switch hands, steer upwind.

7. If you get going too fast or feel a strong gust, you can dump power by lifting the wing overhead - AKA luff the wing so that it flags with no power

8. Practice pumping the wing with a big circular scooping motion to get more speed

9. Keep downwind tip down to avoid getting backwinded

10. If you get out of balance, release your back hand to recover the wing or SPLASH!