Foil sets

Hands down the Konrad SS Foil set is an awesome place to start for beginners, with the performance and durability that rivals foil brands double the cost.

Our advice: You’re riding the foil, not the board, don’t skimp on a wobbly foil set with cheap hardware. Torx head on a titanium 8mm screw is best, other size and head (phillips or hex) screws will fail much more rapidly. In 4 years, we have not stripped any M8 titanium torx screws. We have stripped a lot of others screws. And don’t buy a foil that you have to take apart with a mallet.

Next piece of advice, start on a medium aspect front wing. Don’t start on a high aspect front wing, give yourself some time to develop your skills. Medium aspect wings are a great blend of turn-ability, easy recovery, low stall speed and good pumping. High aspect wings are harder to turn, low aspect wing have little glide and are slow.

Most foil sets are modular, also look for brands that support forward and backward compatibility so that when you are looking to buy a new front wing, you don’t have to buy a new fuselage or mast, etc in the future.

We’re happy to help explain the pros and cons of each foil set.

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