Best of Breed Wings


The hand-held wing is the latest prime mover to propel foiling into the stratosphere. With an inflatable leading edge and usually a single center inflatable strut, they can generate enough speed to easily lift up on foil. We like to think of the wing as a self tow-in device to get the longest wave rides of any nature-powered vehicle.

It is a truly magical feeling to be wing foiling, smoothly flowing 2 feet above the chop, and then silently gliding on a non-breaking wave with the wing behind you, all while keeping everything in balance.

With a tremendous amount of advancements every few months, look for the latest version of wings which are more rigid with a tight leech and canopy (which makes for more efficient pumping and better at handling gusts). We also look for extras like scuff pads, reinforced panels, a separate strut inflation valve and heavy duty leading edges. We are also favoring more rigid handles for easier transitions and more positive wing handling.

Good stitching and good canopy materials ensure your wing will last. All of the wings we carry have been tested to survive a crash or two in the waves.

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