PPC M1 Wing 6m - Paka&
PPC M1 Wing 6m - Paka&
PPC M1 Wing 6m - Paka&
PPC M1 Wing 6m - Paka&

PPC M1 Wing

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Easily, one of the most rigid and powerful wings on the market.  With its Dyneema and advanced canopy materials, it's designed to last several seasons instead of being floppy after one season like Dacron.   With the right puff of wind, truly only take 1 pump to pop up on foil, it's that's good.  

The new M1 wing has taken the wing market to the next level.

With all new materials and overall design, this wing is fast, stable and powerful. The combination of the ultra-stiff frame combined with our hand selected MK canopy material has produced results that have truly blown our minds. The outcome? An incredibly responsive and dynamic wing, that more importantly will last the test of time.
Designer Sam Loader worked with Dyneema material over the past few years. After many prototypes, the final outcome is a stiffer frame combined with a slimmer profile = less drag. The M1 is simply a more dynamic wing. “you hardly even feel the wing in your hands & that was the main goal with the M1” – Sam Loader “there’s nothing worse than having to think about the wing, when you’re on the foil” – Just grab an M1 wing & go foiling!

One of the standout features of the new M1 wing is its impressive wind range per wing size. Whether you’re ripping in the waves, racing or taking your freestyle air game to the next level, the M1 is the go-to wing for you.

Key M1 Wing Features

Custom PPC MK canopy:

  • Custom PPC canopy material
  • Minimal stretching
  • Direct power / response

Dyneema ‘cuben’ tech frame:

  • Slimmer/aerodynamic leading edge
  • Stiffer frame
  • Increased overall LE/ profile aerodynamics
  • Higher PSI ratings due to increased fabric strength and our improved stitching technologies

Handles / Valve

  • 2 x 38cm carbon boom/EVA comfort handles = direct feel and control
  • SUP high pressure valve (easy twist in / twist out universal valve)

Leash & bag (included)

  • Dyneema / shock cord – overall improved comfort neoprene (easy tighten) M1 custom wrist leash
  • M1 custom wing bag included (back pack style, with mesh drainage base & sized per wing)

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