NoLimitz foil mast V2 - Paka&
NoLimitz foil mast V2 - Paka&
NoLimitz foil mast V2 - Paka&
NoLimitz foil mast V2 - Paka&
NoLimitz foil mast V2 - Paka&
NoLimitz foil mast V2 - Paka&
NoLimitz foil mast V2 - Paka&
NoLimitz foil mast V2 - Paka&

NoLimitz foil mast V2

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If you are looking for no compromises for your foiling, you need to check out NoLimitz.  This is the fastest, lightest, strongest, stiffest mast around.  Made in USA, with about 2 week lead time.

After nearly two years of development, we are excited and proud to offer the foilers of the world the NoLimitz V2 foil mast.

The V2 improves upon the original V1 design in every way. The V2 is significantly stiffer, significantly faster, and still featherlight. Using a layup of high modulus materials and our proprietary hollow core technology, we have achieved more with less.

The result - an ultra stiff, thin and fast, featherweight mast.


NoLimitz is the recreational arm of Innovative Composite Engineering, a firm that has been in business in White Salmon, WA, for over 30 years, primarily serving the aerospace industry with custom composite components. The NoLimitz V2 foil mast is the result of 30 years of composite experience. The V2 is very stiff, torsionally and in bending.

Torsional stiffness is very important for a foil mast because if the mast twists around like a noodle, the foil is going to wander where it wants to go, not where you want it to go. This leads to going into a turn and waiting for the foil to finally catch up with you, which usually happens with a surprising pop– the last thing you want during a bottom turn. That is why NoLimitz focuses as much on the torsional stiffness as the bending stiffness, to ensure the foil always tracks where you are telling it to. 


It’s Super Light

The NoLimitz V2 retains the V1’s title as the lightest foil mast on the market. If you are looking to shed weight from your set up, the easiest way to do that is to replace your stock mast with the V2. A lighter foil is easier to carry, pump, and carve. The majority of foil masts on the market get their stiffness from the thickness of their carbon walls. More thickness = more materials, and the result are stiff masts, albeit heavy in the hand. The NoLimitz V2 gets its stiffness from the unique design of the layup of high modulus materials used in its construction. We won’t dispute that it’s our secret sauce, and it’s the most defining characteristic of the V2 mast which separates itself from the rest. How much does the NoLimitz 78 Takuma weigh? It weighs 13 grams more than a full Nalgene.


Low Profile Hard Anodized Board Adapter

The board adapter was designed for optimal hydrodynamics, hence the curves. The V2 features no loose bolts - our board adapters are bonded to the carbon mast for life. Our board adapter is compatible with both M6 and M8 hardware. The board plates and fuselage connectors are CNC cut from solid aircraft-grade aluminum, then hard anodized for years of protection from corrosion and wear. The design of our board adapter allows you to connect your board adapter as far forward as possible. For the V2, we’ve greatly improved the anodize of the board adapters and fuselage adapters.

The NoLimitz V2 is offered with a bonded on, dedicated adapter that fits the foil brand of your choice's fuselage.

The V2 is not offered with a universal adapter. The adapter it comes with will only fit that fuselage.

For the complete details on the V2 compatibility, click here:

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